A42 Games

An Independent Game Development Studio

CatPow: Jump & Catch Mysterious Action

Our first mobile game about what cats do in shadows. If you like cats (who doesn't?) and mysteries - you should definitely try it out!


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Why A42 Games?

“Well, it could be connected with the answer to life, the universe and everything. Or it may mean the number of games we release before we close our company. Or it's simply written on our apartment door's number plate. Or all of the above. Or none. And what do you think our title stands for?”

Feature - the Cat, A42 Games co-founder

About Us

About Us

Originally we're from a North-West region of Russia. We emigrated to Canada in 2019 and now we're a small game development business based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our studio consists of 3 persistent members: a woman (a programmer, an artist, a game designer), a man (a programmer, a game designer) and a cat (a SFX composer, an Overmind). And yes, we all sleep together ;)
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