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Canada and happiness. Where it all had been started.

It all started when we were visiting Canada. The atmosphere of this beautiful country gave us strengths and inspiration we lacked in our homeland. Anastasia recently left her job (full stack Java developer) and we were full of beans about all the new possibilities she had to explore. Game development was just one of them. Our future was vague and optimistic.

But being away from home, we missed our cats badly and Anastasia came up with the idea to make a game about cats, how important they are in humans' lives and what they really do and mean for people. Regardless of the fact that we both had some game development experience before (as a hobby), we think this moment in Canada was the exact starting point of our game development path.

A woman

Anastasia N.

“Usually I cook, clean and fight depression. But in my spare time I'm making games. Which means I'm doing all the art things, a lot of programming and game design and some SFX.”

Anastasia N., a housewife, A-42 Games

A man

Mike S.

“When Anastasia needs some help - that's when I appear. I can provide her any kind of support from light butt slaps, when she's lacking the enthusiasm, to some programming decisions and game design advices.”

Mike S., a husband, A-42 Games

A cat

Feature - the Cat

“My slaves frequently forget that they need to work harder, so I have to yell and bite to return them from their nirvana.”

Feature - the Cat, an Overmind, A-42 Games

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